The Scoring System That Google Ads Secretly Use To Decide How Much You Pay...

...And How To Force It To Favour Your Website & Ads

(Resulting In More Affordable Online Sales For Your Business)

If you have tried running Google ads and found them to be too expensive, then I’m about to help you understand why.

Thing is... some business owners are paying less than others to run ads.

I’m talking about the same the same the same locations...

Two identical businesses running ads to the same people... yet one is paying double or triple more than the other.

Why is this happening?

Well... there is an elite collective who have cracked Google’s code... 

We call them “Google’s top 1% of advertisers” - and there is only one thing that makes them different to you:

They have figured out Google’s scoring system... 

...and are granted more visitors to their website (at a ridiculously cheaper rate) as a reward.

In just a moment, I’m going to uncover the scoring system and the way it works, so that you can get on Google’s ‘good side’. (And claim your place amongst the top 1% of Google’s advertisers)

But first... let me introduce myself:

My name is Claire Jarrett and I’ve been teaching Google ads to business owners since 2007. 
After teaching thousands of business owners, i’ve heard just about every kind of complaint about Google that you could think of: 

“Google took my money and didn’t give me a single lead!”

“Google used to work well for business owners, now too many people are using it and it’s become really expensive.” 

“I’m busy enough trying to run my business... I don’t have time to learn a new skill”

“I’m terrible with technology... it makes no sense for me to figure this stuff out”

Here’s the thing, though:

I start by teaching all of my students about the scoring system that Google is using.

When they learn how Google is silently ‘judging’ their business... their complaints are replaced with excitement.

The reason why they get excited is simple:

When you start to see that Google is using a set of criteria to determine how successful you will be when you run ads... realise that you can ‘game’ this system for your own profits.

This set of criteria that Google is using is powered by artificial intelligence. 

It’s automatically running your business, website and ads through these criteria...and then adjusting how much they charge you.

If you get in Google’s ‘good books’, you pay substantially less to run your ads.

If you don’t know about this... you will probably end up in the ‘not to be trusted’ pile.

If you end up here, you'll be paying double or triple more to run your ads.

The difference in what Google charges you is enough to take you from profitable to unprofitable.

It’s no surprise that every business owner that I have ever heard complain about Google ads not working... also had no idea about this scoring system. 

So you can see that this should be at the centre of your strategy when you run ads.

When you understand how to get Google’s scoring system to work for you, then you can affordably generate quality leads for your business.  

It's really that simple.

Google leave hints as to how important this scoring system is - but they don’t make it easy for you to understand the criteria that they are using.

If everyone could easily game the system, there wouldn’t be much point to it, would there? 
So, where can you find Google's scoring system?
Google is giving a score out of 10 to everything. 

Your website.... your ads... your keywords inside of your ad account.

They call it "quality score".

To find your quality score, you need to do a little bit of digging inside of your ad account.

Google won't automatically show it to you.

Here's a gif to show you how to enable quality score for your keywords: 
In case you couldn't read that... when I hovered over quality score at the end... Google told me : 

"Quality score is an estimate of how relevant your ads, keywords and landing pages are to a person who sees your ad. Higher quality score typically leads to lower costs and better ad positions"

Yep you heard that right...

Higher quality score means lower costs and better ad positions.... yet Google buries it deep inside of your account.

If you are new to Google ads, you would never think to look there. Yet, getting a low score is the sole reason why most business owners fail when they run Google ads.

Crazy, right?

Anyways... here's a screenshot of an account that has high quality scores.

And remember... a higher quality score will mean you pay less when somebody clicks on your ads. (Cheaper average cost per click)
The cost savings on quality score is no joke.

Take a look at this table to see how the price of your ads are affected...

(CPC stands for cost per click)
So let's say you are a locksmith and the price to have your ad clicked on Google when somebody types "emergency locksmith london" is £20.

Well... with a quality score of 10/10, it will become £10.

And let's say you have a competitor down the road who doesn't know about this stuff...

...and they accidentally get a 1/10 quality score.

Well, they will be paying £80.

And if you are paying £10 and they are paying £80.... they won't be your competitor for long, will they?

If your quality score gets particularly low, Google will even choose to not show your ads at all!

Now you can start to see why so many people claim "Google is expensive"... or that "it doesn't work for my business".

Okay... I think you get the point.

I guess there is only one question left to answer now, isn't there....?
How Do We Get Higher Quality Scores?
So now that you see why we have to aim for high quality scores, what do you actually have to do to get them?

Before we get into the details, let's take a step back and look at what Google really wants.

If we can help Google get what they want, they will give us what we want.

And what Google wants is simple...

They want to keep being the number one search engine on the planet.

When we argue over the name of the actress in our favourite show... they want us to keep saying:

"Why don't you just Google it, then!?" -

Because if they maintain that market presence, they will keep generating billions.

And how did Google become the dominant search engine in the first place?

By serving the most relevant results whenever we made a search in Google.

So with that in mind, we can see why quality score was created in the first place:

Quality score was created to punish businesses that served irrelevant ads, and to reward websites that ran relevant ads.

And that's the key word here :


I want you to repeat after me:

"To generate high quality leads at an affordable rate in Google I must serve relevant ads to the right people."

Because if people see ads that are relevant to them when they use Google, they are likely to use Google again in the future.

There are several other factors that affect your quality score, too. Google are looking at everything.

They see if your website is loading slow, and they know if people push the back button within 6 seconds after landing on your website. 

There are many little metrics like this that are being analysed by Google's AI... and then they are using that to determine your quality score. (and therefore how much you pay)

In just a moment I'm going to show you where you can get the full list of criteria that is determining your quality score.

But first...
What Would Your Business Look Like If Google's Scoring System Favoured You?
If you tried Google ads in the past and found it to be ‘too expensive’, now you know why.

It’s not because you “missed the golden days when ad costs were cheaper”. And it’s not because “Google just wants to rip us off and take our money”.

It’s because there is a certain framework that we need to use to keep Google happy.

Once Google is happy, our ad costs become cheaper. 

And when ad costs are low?... Well, that’s when the fun begins.

Lower ad costs means you can claim position one in Google affordably. 

Your competition is then forced to raise their bids and ad budgets just to keep up the fast pace that you are setting.

Lower ad costs mean you can test more ads without breaking the bank.

More testing means more chance of finding a winning ad set capable of tripling your business.

But, most importantly: 

Lower ad costs mean that you keep more of the profit when you make a sale. 

Hopefully you can start to see the huge advantage that you have when you learn how Google’s scoring system works.

Business owners that don’t know about this leave the platform, claiming that “Google was too expensive and didn’t give me enough leads”

Whereas those of us who are ‘in the know’ are saying “How do I put more money into Google and scale this thing.. it’s blowing up my business!”

Everything you have learned so far is based around getting Google (which is basically a smart robot) on your side.

However, it’s important to remember that we are not selling to Google, are we?

We are selling to humans.

And... humans have emotions. They think very differently to robots.

So, whilst it’s critically important that we influence Google’s logical-thinking ‘mind’ to keep our ad costs low...

...we need to also remember that it’s humans who will click our ads and put money in our pockets.

And the thing with us humans is...

When it comes to what makes humans buy something... it’s emotions that influence the decision - not logic. 

Which is why we also need to follow a certain framework when we build our ads.

So, here's the deal:

I want to teach you the framework that me and my students are using to fuel the growth of our businesses using Google ads.  

If you are reading this and you are a small business owner, I believe you (or somebody on your team) should be learning how to create and manage these ads.

I am going to show you where you can begin that journey in just a moment. 

But first, let's go through some of the common strategies that business owners use to get started with Google ads (and why they normally fail!)
The Three Strategies Small Business Owners Use To Get Started With Google ads (& Why They Normally Fail)
If you are a small business owner who wants to grow their business with Google ads, there are three ways that people normally do this...

You can either:

1) Hire an expert to build your ads and manage them for you. 

2) Get Google to set it up for you. 

3)You or your employees could setup the account yourself and try and figure it out. 

Let's take a look at some of the issues that come with these strategies...
1) Why You Probably Shouldn't Hire A Consultant or Agency To Manage Your Google Ads  
For the majority of people reading this, hiring a consultant or agency to manage your Google ads could hurt your business.

The first thing you need to understand is that there are many consultants out there who claim to be 'experts'...

And there are many marketing agencies out there who sell you a big picture of what they can achieve...

...but the reality of working with them is quite different:

They're instantly offloading your ad account to a newly hired marketing apprentice. (Who has little to no marketing experience.) 

I know because business owners come to me on a daily basis asking me to audit their underperforming ad accounts.

When I take a look inside, I often find that their money is being poured down the drain.  

The other day I was doing an audit for somebody and found that the previous agency had accidentally left dynamic sitelinks on:
That's a screenshot from inside their account that shows £120,198.71 wasted ad spend.

Here's the thing:

When you choose to enable dynamic sitelinks, it means that you have given Google permission to send people to random pages on your website.

You may not have updated these pages since 2013.... and Google are constantly choosing pages that have no way for the visitor to contact you. (No submission form or phone number) 

In this example, they had been accidentally sending their prospects towards broken pages for years... a constant drain on their cashflow.

This is an extremely common mistake made by beginners.

Now look, people are paying some agencies and consultants to do amazing work for them, and they are seeing a huge return.

But nobody knows your business like you do... nor do they care about your success like you do.

If you do choose to hire somebody, do your due diligence.

And... remember...

If the person running your ads doesn't know how to properly work Google's scoring system...

...and if they haven’t developed the right skill-set yet...

...then you probably won’t get the kind of return on your investment that you are looking for when they run your ads.

But what about Google themselves?

Why not just get Google's team to build the account for you?

Well, let's get into that now...
2) Why You Definitely Shouldn't Get Google To Build The Account For You
Under no circumstances does it ever make sense to let Google build the account for you.

It sounds like a good idea, in theory...

Who better to build your Google ad account than Google themselves?

But, here's the thing:

Google are relying heavily on artificial intelligence to build your account, but the technology is not quite ready yet.

Humans are still FAR better at building ads than artificial intelligence.

I'll give you an example to explain my point...

Last month I took over an account for a roofer. They had let Google build the account for them.

Google had setup 'smart campaigns' - it's a new campaign type. 

I reckon they should be called 'dumb campaigns' instead.

These campaigns let AI build everything for you. The AI isn't ready yet.

Here's the problem:

These campaigns attract too many people who were not even looking for a roofer in the first place!

Here's a screenshot from this account, which shows some of the searches that people made for the ads to show:
This roofer doesn't do guttering services... fibreglass roofing... dry verge systems... and he doesn't sell clay tiles...

Yet Google's 'smart campaigns' were forcing him to pay for these people to click on his ads every day!

Each of those clicks was costing him around £3.... and this is just a snapshot of some of the wastage.

The true amount of wasted spend adds up to thousands!
3) Why You Definitely Shouldn't Get You Or Your Employes To Learn Google Ads Without Help
Google has countless pages of information on how to build and manage a Google ads account.

You or a member of staff could go through it all and build the account from scratch.

But, here's the problem:

Google teaches you the technology. But success won't come from understanding the technology alone. 

To succeed with Google ads, you need to learn marketing.

It's not enough to throw up a couple of ads without much thought.

You need to follow a framework from somebody who has successfully built and managed these ads for years...
 Why You Should Build Your Google Ad Account With My Help
Nobody understands your business like you do...

Nobody understands your customers like you do...

And nobody wants your Google ads campaigns to succeed more than you do.

And so..

When it comes to running ads in your marketplace...

The small business owner (you) actually has a huge advantage over the Google ads experts. (Especially when they are equipped with the understanding of Google’s scoring system)

So, here's my question to you:

Why don’t you build your Google ads campaign and manage the ads yourself, with my help?

What would your business look like in 30 days if you developed the Google skill-set...

...if you learned how to build, deploy and manage powerful ads

...if you mastered the art of placing these ads right in front of your perfect prospects

...And what if I told you that once you learned how to set this all up

... it only takes 45 minutes a WEEK to maintain your new income stream. 

Small business owners and marketing enthusiasts...

Allow me to introduce you to:
GASP - The Google Ads Success Program 
Gasp was built to give small business owners the opportunity to profit with Google Ads. 

Inside, you’ll learn how to work Google’s scoring system, so you can get high quality scores and claim cheaper ad costs.

But mastering Google’s scoring system is only one piece of the Google Ads Success Program (GASP)...

It’s a hands-on training program where my team and I take you from beginner to advanced - showing you how to setup your own profitable Google ads account from the very beginning. 

But, let me make one thing clear:

This is not just an online “course”.

You won’t just be given a set of videos that you have to go through and learn by yourself.

This is a step by step program where we literally take you by the hand and build your ads together.

Live training sessions keep you on track, so that you don’t feel alone inside Google’s playground. 

When you attend our live calls... you’ll find yourself shoulder to shoulder with small business owners just like you...

So that you can leverage what they are learning, and get unique insights into their businesses so that you can compare notes. 

I often help build Google ad accounts for our members live on a call for everybody to see...

That’s the kind of attention you get inside.

From the moment you join the Google Ads Success Program, you'll also get instant access to our entire back catalogue of training.

It includes complete setup information for how to setup and manage a Google ads account that is targeted locally or nationally.

Let's get into the specifics of the program now - what you will actually learn inside.  

I'll give you a tour of the training, give you some live calls so you can get a feel for how it all works, and I'll show you what 36 people have to say about my coaching.
So, Why Join The Google Ads Success Program?
  • Go from beginner to advanced, with training that is available for you to watch on demand at a time of your choosing. Watch playbacks of all our content on your computer, tablet or smartphone. 
  • Live training sessions twice per month alongside weekly coaching sessions, where you learn alongside other business owners. (The program was deliberately set up to work more like a mastermind, NOT a course.)
  • Daily email access to Claire and her team, so that you can improve your account with our expert help (Often, your questions will become the topic of the next live training call)
  • Already have a Google Ads account? That's great! When you join, we perform an audit of your entire account to help you understand where you can quickly save (and make) more money from your ads. Many students see thousands in savings after implementing our advice from these video audits. With this, you'll fast-track your ad account to match our best practices (unlocking profitable keyword and ad combinations that help you scale your business)
  • Busy business owner? Give your login to a team member, and let them go through the training and implement it for your business with our help.
  • Remember- the course content is updated twice every month, your results will never dip when Google makes a change.
  • Study key sessions by watching them multiple times if needed
  • Zero costs of travel for you or your team, as all training is online and accessible from around the world.
How the Training works
1. Watch the trainings

When you register for GASP, you will create a unique ID and password that will grant you access to our complete catalogue of training sessions. Pick and choose the specific sessions that relate to your business needs.

2. Attend the live coaching sessions

Each week, attend the live coaching- if you cannot attend live then feel free to submit questions in advance as we will record and upload the answer for you into the system.

3. Designed to fit your busy schedule

The GASP training system was built for small business owners just like you.  That means we built it to accommodate your busy schedule.

You can pick and choose what to watch, whenever you want to. You can access the sessions as often as you like.

4. Get personal assistance via email and phone call

On top of access to the training - you'll also benefit from daily email support and weekly phone calls with Claire and our training team.

What Will You Learn Inside The Google Ads Success Program?
(remember ALL training sessions are recorded in case you cannot attend live)
How to get Google's scoring system to favour your business - With this, you'll understand how to get Google's AI to give you high quality scores, resulting in cheaper ad costs for your business. Learn the framework for creating highly relevant ad accounts. (Remember, Google wants to reward businesses that are creating relevant ads to people who actually want to see them. We teach you how to do that.)

How to advertise effectively in a crowded market  -  Google ads have existed for two decades, so it's safe to say that many markets have now become fairly crowded with other advertisers. You'll learn how to stand out from everybody else with ads that 'pop out' at your perfect prospects. 

How to advertise a business in your local area - Looking for customers in your local area? We've got you covered. There are a few key changes that you must make to your strategy when advertising locally. Plus of course... you want to make sure that your ads are only showing to people in your local area who are actually likely to buy from you. We show you how.

How to advertise a business nationally - Advertising your business nationally comes with higher competition...and higher income potential. You'll learn what it takes to become a top national business on Google ads, and unlock a highly scalable income stream.

E-commerce - Running an e-commerce store where you sell the product online and ship it straight to the customer? You'll learn how to maximise the ROI on every sale with our e-commerce training.

The perfect ad account set up - There is a particular framework that we use to set up our Google ad accounts perfectly every time. With it, you'll be able to show your ads to your ideal prospects, and stop wasting your ad spend on people who had no intention of buying. (Most people are only using Google to research, not to make a purchase. With this framework, you avoid those people and target your ads specifically to the buyers.)

Ongoing maintenance - Once your ad account is set up, the real money is made when you optimise it each week. You'll learn the same optimisation tactics that we have used for a decade to manage multiple millions of ad spend for hundreds of businesses.  (Remember - this can be done in just 45 minutes a week once you have everything in place.)

Advanced Google ads skills - Are you an advanced Google ads user? We'll take you beyond the standard practices and show you how to get to that next level. If you are looking to squeeze every inch of profit out of your account, you'll find those advanced strategies inside the program.

B2B advertising - For those businesses that are looking to advertise to other businesses, we've got you covered. Inside the program, you'll learn how to specifically tailor your ads to the right people.

Google remarketing - When somebody visits your website, you can use remarketing to follow them all over the internet with your ads and stay at the top of their minds. We show you how to setup and manage this powerful form of advertising.

How to build an email list - When you have an email list that you have nurtured well, you are able to create and control an additional income stream. Much of our revenue comes from our email list, and we show you exactly how we build and maintain that.

How to manage Google ads for other people - You may be looking to learn the Google ads skill so that you are able to get paid to manage ads for other business owners. We've trained hundreds of people how to do exactly that.

Google display network - Google have partnered with thousands of websites all over the internet, which make up the display network. We teach you how to place your ads on these sites. (An advanced form of marketing. Not necessary for all businesses.)

Website / Landing page optimisation - Minor changes to a website can have a huge impact on the amount of leads or sales that are generated. Learning how to optimise your pages to maximise revenue is a unique skill that we teach you inside the program.

What's new and changing in Google Ads? - Google Ads is changing all the time. With all of the constant changes, it can be hard to stay on top of your account and get the most out of it. When you are inside the program, you will never have that issue. We ensure you're kept completely up to date whenever Google makes a change to their platform.

How to research competitors - It's important to keep one eye on the competition, and to find out what ads are making them money. We teach you how to research your competitors keywords and ads to mimic what's working for them.
An Inside Look at The Google Ads Success Program
For some of our members, the recorded video content is all they need to get Google ads to produce revenue for their business.

Our detailed course content is perfect for taking a Google ads beginner up to an advanced level. (And beyond that)

But the course content is only one part to the program.

We go further than that...
The Google Ads Success program is where you can get hands-on help every week on our live calls. 

It's intimate. 

You go back and forth with me and get your questions answered live - and I'll share my screen to go into detail if needed. 

I'll also have access to your account so I can really get behind you and your business.

I wanted to show a clip of one of these calls so you can get a feel for what is available to you once you are inside the program.

In this particular recording, I help one of our members get their website tracking to work correctly. 

We also talk about some changes she needs to make to her website to generate more leads.

Take a look:
Note - this particular session features me and two of our female members. They are beginners.

If you are an advanced Google ads user, we also have sessions that cater for you too.

And I have trained hundreds of men in Google ads. We have sessions for you guys too. So no need to feel left out!

(There are 36 testimonials from past clients near the bottom of this page, make sure you remember to check them out)
Bonus - Audit Of Your Google ad Account With Every Purchase
If you already have a Google ad account, then the personalised video audit that you will receive will fast-track you to higher profits.

These audits are done by me personally.

I show you exactly where you are losing money, and give you specific tactics to help you scale your business.

Here's an example of one of the video audits below:
Just the Facts

This membership is ideal for any business owner or marketing professional who wants to gain a deep understanding of how Google Ads works to grow a business.


GASP! membership provides full online access to all training sessions in the program, plus ongoing live access to me once per week. These live calls are also recorded and you can play them over and over at your leisure.


At your home, office, or on the road! You watch sessions using your computer, tablet, or smartphone.


Session recordings for all past training sessions are live in the system right now along with over 20 past recordings from former Google Ads courses. You'll be emailed an invite each week to attend our live video training, which will be held using Zoom.  While you remain a member you’ll have ongoing access to all the sessions.


You’ll be able to implement effective Google Ads strategies and tactics that will help improve your marketing, grow your following, and build your business. This training will ensure your business is maximising the full potential of Google Advertising!


When you purchase the Program, we’ll redirect you to set up a username and password to immediately access the content.

With a GASP! membership you have no costs for travel, meals, hotels, cars, or lost time! Why? Because it’s entirely an online training program.

Join the Google Ads Success Program Now: 

Want to pay for a year's membership to the program in advance? You'll save $1080 over the course of a year....
All purchases come with a 60 day money back guarantee.

Here's What 36 Students Have To Say About Claire's Coaching:
"No wishy-washy stuff; just practical step-by-step advice that resulted in my closing thousands of pounds of business on a regular, repeatable and measurable basis. By far one of the best investments in training I have ever made." 

Tom Mallens - Sales Trainer
"Since using your education program, taking your advice on my account review and using the tools recommended, our lead generation quality has improved, bounce rate has dropped and we have seen savings of over £10,000.00 !" 

Graham Wilkinson - Managing Director Of Hampshire Flags
"I attended Claire's course with virtually no experience of PPC or Google Ad Words. At the end of the programme, I feel confident enough to start setting up campaigns, which in turn will save me and my clients money)"  

Yvonne Akinmodun - Local Marketing Consultant
"Claire provided me with Google Adwords training – and it added £50,000+ per year immediately to my turnover."  

Laura McCrum - Director Of Cribbs Of Cribbs Business Centre
"If you want to learn all about advertising on Google I can highly recommend Claire. She's an excellent trainer with a vast wealth of knowledge and experience. Lots of patience and an easy-going style which makes it a pleasure to learn from her.." 

Lisa Murphy - Counsellor and Hypnotherapist
"Claire’s knowledge of Google ads is vast and I am really enjoying the training she is giving me, she makes it simple to understand. I would happily recommend her if your business is needing support on setting up a campaign or you need to learn how to do it yourself." 

Jacqui Marola - Owner of Jam Hair
"Claire taught me how to create and manage Google Ads accounts 4 years ago. I'm still making money every day from the skills and advice she gave to me. Thank you so much, you have shaped my business and I'll always be grateful for your support!!" 

Daisy Foster - CEO at Digitool
"I absolutely love working with Claire. We (my business partner and I) came from trial and error methods to expand our business. We had no idea how to measure our success and especially what needed to be our next step to reach the next level. With Claire we got the strategy and support to create a business that we can scale. We still love working with Claire and are extremely grateful for it. " 
Leticia Linden - Owner at Online Coaching Akademi
"When it comes to marketing for small businesses I can’t recommend Claire enough. Claire is an expert when it comes to leveraging social media and paid advertising to build community and awareness in order to grow your business. I particularly like Claire’s teaching style. She’s very systematic and analytical which are both qualities required for this niche field. There are lots of people out there claiming to be marketing experts but I can say first hand that Claire is the real deal." 

Shivani Bhagi - Career & Leadership Coach
"We approached Claire for mentorship in summer 2016 having started our property coaching business earlier that year.

Needing the tools to structure the very best programme possible and wanting to offer the very best experience to our coaching clients we needed someone with Claire's experience and expertise to guide us.

Over a period of 3 months we won our time back, trebled our monthly turnover, have learnt cutting edge online marketing techniques and are now giving our clients a fantastic programme that we are incredibly proud of.

The future of our coaching business is incredibly exciting and we thank Claire for everything she does for us.

Both Amanda and I highly recommend Claire as best in the business. We simply think the world of her."  

David Fernley - Managing Director at Clarus Property Coaching
"Found Claire via a google and media search and can only speak highly of her services. Very happy with the progress to date. No hesitation in recommending Claire" 

 Tim Smith - General Manager of Master Cars Hitchin
"Having worked with Claire for over a year, I have seen her undertake some remarkable work with her Coaching & Consultant Clients and have witnessed some fantastic transformations within their businesses as a result of them taking part in Claire's programmes. She is extremely talented in the world of online marketing and lead generation and helps her Clients deliver some extraordinary results in a short space of time. The world needs more genuine experts like Claire! " 

Kerry Archer - Google ads specialist
"Claire Coaching Program is WITH OUT any doubt the best investment I made until know with the BEST ROI I could ever imagine.When I started working with Claire she said that I could acchieve goals in 6 months. The thing is that I've got 2x my 6 months goals in just 1 month.
Her coaching program it's absolutely game changer and mindset changer.
Thank you Claire. Know there are no limits for me to reach new clients and really, truly help them." 

Leonardo Gonçalves - Mentor & Consultor
"Like any Coach worth investing in, you must have belief in their ability to bring out the best in you.

I’ve been involved with Digital Marketing for 18 years and know a thing or two, but the accountability with Claire’s firm understanding of what works and what doesn’t is why I chose Claire.

Her teachings, weekly, webinars, support calls, follow-up and Training Video library really allowed me to focus my own knowledge, expand on this and make it happen for me and my business.

I would whole heartedly recommend Claire and her services for any serious action taking Business Owner."  

Leon Streete - Marketing Coach
"I've worked with Claire multiple times in various settings. One thing that's great about Claire is that she's constantly evolving and updating her trainings, so they can have the biggest impact for her clients. She is an expert when it comes to getting qualified traffic, leads, and customers to your business, and I strongly recommend her for anyone looking to grow their business through online marketing." 

Jeremy Salem - Founder at Digital Traffic Ace
"Claire Jarrett is simply AWESOME!

If you ever want to take your business and your marketing to the next level and beyond, then contact Claire!

She is such an amazing coach and her inspiration and teaching style keeps you highly motivated and laser focused to take massive strides. There is no fluff with Claire. She gives practical guidance (based upon her actual experience) and is an expert in her field. I loved working with Claire and she is highly recommended!" 

Simon Newsham - Tax Director at Baldwins Accountants
"I initially trained with Claire to learn how to do Google AdWords and continued on to join her Mastermind Group. Over the last year through implementing everything she has taught me I have been able to leave my well-paid professional job and earn more running my own business which I love! I have also had the pleasure of working with her as a trainer on her AdWords course Red Hot Web Leads. I am living proof that her training and coaching works! Highly Recommended!! " 

Zara Imrie - Google Ads Premier Partner
"I came across one of Claire's training webinars at a time I knew I needed to up the game in my business. The webinar was so informative and helpful that I immediately signed up to take part in a longer programme of training learning how to set up & deliver training courses & membership programmes online. Learning with Claire and working with her team has been an amazing experience. Throughout the entire programme there has been plentiful advice and support, with help often available outside of office hours at times when I needed it! I wholeheartedly recommend Claire and the team; they know their stuff and they teach the things that business owners really need to know in order to expand & become more profitable." 

Miranda Jenkins - Business Coach
"Having taken time to look at different online marketers to work with I chose to work with Claire.

This was a fantastic decision for many reasons.

Claire and her team have the know how to be able to help you make your dreams a reality, and get it done FAST.

I would highly recommend seeking Claire's services if you are interested in learning how to automate your marketing.

Shelley Hutchinson - Marketing Coach
"Claire Jarrett has been an awesome mentor and a pleasure to work with. She is succinct, informative and makes the content easy to digest. Her coaching has enabled me to propel my Google Adwords business to stratospheric heights!! Thank you Claire." 

Laura Moxham - Owner Of YBA PPC (Top 3% Of Google ads Agencies)
"I have hired Claire on a number of occasions now to help me take my marketing business to the next level. Claire's knowledge is second to none and the value she gives her clients is immense. My business wouldn't be at the level it is, if it wasn't for Claire!" 

Emma Melhuish - Digital Marketer
"If you're a struggling internet marketer and you want to catapult your business to a different level I recommend Claire's action-orientated approach to coaching.

If you want to take a relaxed approach to your business and you don't mind how much money you make, Claire is very definitely not for you! Her raison d'etre is to help your business grow quickly - right now!" 

 Fiona Stewart - Marketing Manager
"Claire has a reputation for delivering top quality training with honesty and openess and I was not disappointed when I recently signed up for one of her courses.It was excellent.
What I like about Claire's approach is that she gives all her top tips without holding back and that's important when you have invested money and trust in someone.High intergrity levels matched with an amazing teaching ability has made me a complete fan of what she delivers and will be looking to use her skills again soon.
I highly recommend Claire and would have no hesitation in putting her forward as the Go To person for PPC and on line marketing." 

Angus Grady - Linkedin Specialist
"I joined Claire's training program to learn more about using Google Adwords effectively without giving google all my cash.

In addition to the online video tutorials Claire has set up a Facebook comunity page where we can help each other, and she also provides the opportunity for individual advice.

I would strongly recommend business owners starting out on adwords to invest in Claire's training before spending hundreds on a Google campaign un-aided." 

Mike Belham - Sound and Lighting Engineer
"Claire knows her stuff inside out and is exceptionally good at demystifying the often complex world of Adwords. Claire carefully talked our small group through each key step needed to develop and maintain an effective and profitable Adwords Campaign.

I actually recouped the cost of attending the course, during the course itself! as Claire's advice on my existing advertising campaigns resulted in conversions that brought me several new Clients! Thank you Claire!

If you run or manage others running Adwords campaigns you need to attend this course. If you don't clearly understand how to set it up and maintain it, you will quickly lose a lot of money, that I guarantee!

As a tutor myself, I can see how important Claire's students are to her and how much effort she puts into making the course so successful, so book on Claire's Adwords course today, you won't be disappointed!"

Phil Douglas - Managing Director at Oracle Safety Associates
"Claire's training approach is so completely flexible, it allowed us to get the benefit of individual 121 coaching AND private Adwords account consultation optimising our campaigns all in one! In fact, Claire was so great, we've invited her to consult on-going for" 

Stephen Ewart - Commercial Director at
"Claire is simply the best PPC expert in the UK !! contact her TODAY , she will make you a TON of money ! JON"  

John Davy - Director at Highvibe.Network
"I am not new to Adwords or PPC but Claires Entry Level Adwords training was full of useful information and golden nuggets to help any business including my own get the most from Adwords/PPC. I would recommend her course/services to any business who want to generate more leads/sales online you are guaranteed results." 

Daniel Batchelor - Head of Demand Generation
"I have attended Claire's courses on Pay Per Click and Google Adwords on more than one occasion, and I have always found her to be approachable and knowledgeable with an expert understanding of her field.

I have no hesitation in recommending Claire to anybody who wants to understand the mysteries of Google Adwords and the like." 

Andy Farrall - Director at Management and Safety Ltd
"I attended Claire's Pay Per Click courses last year, it was very insightful and extremely useful to me and I left feeling far more knowledgeable and confident enough to then set up, run and manage my own campaigns. Claire has backed this up with hints and tips and has been very supportive and I would highly recommend her services." 

Derek Watkins - 2nd Passport Specialist
"I used Claire as a Google Adwords trainer last year when I we were looking to invest some more money in online advertising. She was amazing to work with and really has a load of knowledge we needed to make our campaign a success, and she came in at a great price too!" 

Simon Pitts-Drake - Sales Director
"Claire Is a first class trainer and I was highly impressed with the course I attended, I took so much knowledge away with me I look forward to the next one with you.

I'm delighted to endorse her work.”" 

Marc Dodd - Director at Active Social Media
"I was delighted to find that Claire showed great patience and understanding when dealing with a non-technical client. Previously, I had not been able to find the kind of customised service I required. Claire managed to get me to grow in confidence as she ensures you gain practical knowledge. I can thoroughly recommend her professional approach and the excellent service Claire provides. Thanks." 

Christine Marsh - Corporate Coach
"Claire is a lovely genuine person who I have really enjoyed working with in the past. More importantly she really knows her stuff when it comes to Google Ad words and always ensures she gets the best results for me. Highly recommended." 

Lilach Bullock - Digital Marketing Expert
"Claire is extremely knowledgeable and an excellent trainer. The fact that she manages her own google adwords campaigns gave me the confidence that she was up to date with the rapidly changing world of Google Adwords!" 

 Debbie Kleiner - Stress Management Coach
Join the Google Ads Success Program Now: 

Want to pay for a year's membership to the program in advance? You'll save $1080 over the course of a year....
All purchases come with a 60 day money back guarantee.
Common Questions and Answers:
How long will it take me to get my Google Ads account bringing in leads?
Follow the steps in the training course, wait a few minutes for the ad to be reviewed and your ads will start bringing in targeted visitors immediately.

You'll need to make sure you'll also followed the advice relating to your website to maximise the amount of leads and sales you bring in. Implement our advice and you will be bringing in leads from the moment the ads go live.

If there are any issues at all - you'll be able to ask us for expert assistance with your Google Ads account and advice on optimising your website more effectively.

Will you look at my Google Ads account and website then offer advice? 
Yes for sure, we can do this during the weekly coaching calls. 

What happens when I no longer want to continue paying for membership?
It's pretty straightforward - you simply let us know and at the end of the month your access to the training and coaching calls will be removed.  No long term contracts - you can leave at any time

Is learning Google Ads something I can do part-time and fit it around my full-time job?
Absolutely yes. It will take you no more than 4 to 5 hours per week in the first few weeks to get your Google Ads account up and running.

Will I be able to ask questions during the training sessions?
Of course! You can either submit questions in advance if you cannot make it live, or submit them during the training session.

I want a team member/my partner to follow the course, is this possible?
No problem! Your membership includes access for one person to gain access to the training and get help. You can nominate the person you want to get access to the program by emailing once you've purchased.

Is Google Ads suitable for a brand new business? 
Absolutely yes, it's ideal!

You can benefit from account and website reviews - ensuring you have everything set up correctly from the beginning of launching your new business.

How often is the training updated? 
Google Ads changes constantly - so we've made our training updated constantly as well!  Google makes regular changes to the features and functions of Google Ads, we'll help you stay on top of those changes via the training updates.

To ensure you stay up to date, the bi-weekly training will include what's new in Google Ads and how to use the new features.

I'd like to offer Google Ads as a service, can you help with that? 
Certainly! I've trained over 60 individuals in the past 11 years who now run their own highly successful Google Ads consultancies / agencies.  Some are them are listed on this very page.

Can I pay by Direct Debit / ACH debit / in Euros / in Pounds instead? 
Yes indeed! Simply contact or use the Chat function in the bottom right and send us a request. We'll send the form right over.

I've got a question about the training that isn't covered here, can I speak with you about it?
Of course!  Simply contact or use the Chat function in the bottom right and send us a request.  
Join the Google Ads Success Program Now: 

Want to pay for a year's membership to the program in advance? You'll save $1080 over the course of a year....
All purchases come with a 60 day money back guarantee.
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