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Google Ads Success Program (GASP!)
Our Google Ads Success Program is designed to be easy-to-use - helping entrepreneurs bring in leads fast using Google Ads.

After you watch the training in the program, you'll know the insider strategies and tactics that will help you quickly create a Google Ads account that converts.

This is the new online training system designed by Claire Jarrett, one of the world's best known trainers in Google Ads since 2008, who has taught countless people like you a step-by-step formula to:

- Ensure your Google Ads account is set up to bring in leads fast
- Optimise your landing pages to ensure you bring in as many leads as possible
-  Cut down wasted ad spend
-  Track precisely where your leads are coming from
-  Minimise the amount of hours you're spending in your Ads account
- and much more....
Learn how to build your Google Ads account so it won't break the bank
The Ultimate Google Ads Success System
 for Business Growth
Join the Google Ads Success Program - and learn how to set up, manage and optimise your Google Ads account for maximum results. You'll rapidly develop your marketing skills, giving you the skills to expand your business.

It's your marketing template for success.
Here's Our Training Schedule ...
(remember ALL training sessions are recorded in case you cannot attend live)
September 5th 2019 – Short training in “How to advertise effectively in a crowded market” RECORDED AND WATCHABLE IMMEDIATELY WHEN YOU JOIN
September  12th 2019 6pm UK, 1pm EST – Longer training in “How to advertise a business locally” (correct account set up then ongoing maintenance) Link will be sent out when you buy RECORDED AND WATCHABLE IMMEDIATELY WHEN YOU JOIN
September 19th 2019 6pm UK, 1pm EST 2019 – Basic E-commerce (correct account set up then ongoing maintenance)

October  2019 - Longer training in “Advertising a business nationally” (correct account set up then ongoing maintenance)
October 2019 – Short training in Advanced Google Ads Skills
October 2019 – Advanced E-commerce

November 2019 – Longer training in B2B advertising
November 2019 - Short training in Further Advanced Google Ads Skills

December 2019 – Longer training in Google retargeting (correct account set up then ongoing maintenance)
December 2019 - Short training in Further Advanced Google Ads Skills
December 2019 – Longer training in How to list build using Google Ads (correct account set up then ongoing maintenance)

January 2019 - Short training in Further Advanced Google Ads Skills
January 2019 – Longer training in How to manage Google Ads for other people

February 2019 - Short training in Further Advanced Google Ads Skills
February 2019 – Longer training in Will the Display Network work for you? (correct account set up then ongoing maintenance)

Future training dates to be set in 2020, minimum of 2 per month
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The Google Ads Success Program is currently closed to new members

Jacqui Marola

Claire’s knowledge of Google ads is vast and I am really enjoying the training she is giving me, she makes it simple to understand. I would happily recommend her if your business is needing support on setting up a campaign or you need to learn how to do it yourself.

Yvonne Akinmodun

I attended Claire's course with virtually no experience of PPC or Google Ad Words. At the end of the programme, I feel confident enough to start setting up campaigns, which in turn will save me and my clients money

Jon Davy

Claire is simply the best PPC expert in the UK !! Contact her TODAY

Tom Mallens

When it comes to showing people how to get results, Claire is the real deal. No wishy-washy stuff; just practical step-by-step advice that resulted in my closing thousands of pounds of business on a regular, repeatable and measurable basis. By far one of the best investments in training I have ever made. There are lots of people offering various forms of training; Claire is one of the few where, if you follow what she says, you will make serious money back. A stand-out expert in her field.

Gareth Simpson

Claire is clearly a thought leader in the world of PPC and Internet Marketing. I felt like I was in the company of a true expert and her teaching style was friendly and effective. The Adwords course gave me the knowledge to manage our company Adwords account!

Alan Tobutt

As a Digital Marketer I create and manage PPC Campaigns for my Local Business Clients.  I attended Claire's Google Adwords Training Course as my goals were to reduce campaign costs and improve conversions.  I was able to create a live campaign as I progressed rather than listen to a theoretical seminar like similar courses out there. Without a doubt the changes to my understanding now of this platform are like 'night and day' and thoroughly recommend attending the training course whether you are a beginner to this or a seasoned pro.

Angus Grady

Claire has a reputation for delivering top quality training with honesty and openess and I was not disappointed when I recently signed up for one of her courses.It was excellent.
What I like about Claire's approach is that she gives all her top tips without holding back and that's important when you have invested money and trust in someone.High intergrity levels matched with an amazing teaching ability has made me a complete fan of what she delivers and will be looking to use her skills again soon.
I highly recommend Claire and would have no hesitation in putting her forward as the Go To person for PPC and on line marketing.

Zara Imrie

I initially trained with Claire to learn how to do Google AdWords... Over the last year through implementing everything she has taught me I have been able to leave my well-paid professional job and earn more running my own business which I love... I am living proof that her training and coaching works! Highly Recommended!

Rachel Probert

If you want to go from 0-60 in 5 seconds then Claire is someone you need to know...Claire has held my hand through every stage of the game. Her training is clear and concise... but the real value is actually in speaking with Claire and her ability to advice based on her experiences of working on her own successful businesses and her many clients.

Phil Douglas

I have just completed Claire's  Google Adwords course... I thoroughly enjoyed it and learnt absolutely loads about how to run a successful Adwords advertising campaign. .. Claire knows her stuff inside out and is exceptionally good at demystifying the often complex world of Adwords. 
I actually recouped the cost of attending the course, during the initial course itself! as Claire's advice on my existing advertising campaigns resulted in conversions that brought me several new Clients! Thank you Claire!
If you run or manage others running Adwords campaigns you need to attend this course. If you don't clearly understand how to set it up and maintain it, you will quickly lose a lot of money, that I guarantee!
As a tutor myself, I can see how important Claire's students are to her and how much effort she puts into making the course so successful, so book on Claire's Adwords course today, you won't be disappointed! See less
How long will it take me to get my Google Ads account bringing in leads?
Follow the steps in the training course, wait a few minutes for the ad to be reviewed and your ads will start bringing in targeted visitors immediately.

You'll need to make sure you'll also followed the advice relating to your website to maximise the amount of leads and sales you bring in. Implement our advice and you will be bringing in leads from the moment the ads go live.

If there are any issues at all - you'll want to ensure you've opted for VIP so you can ask us for expert assistance with your Google Ads account and advice on optimising your website more effectively.

Will you look at my Google Ads account and website then offer advice? 
Within the VIP version - yes for sure. 

Within the Standard version - this isn't possible, and you'd need to upgrade to VIP to get assistance - Standard is a training only version.

What happens when I no longer want to continue paying for membership?
It's pretty straightforward - you simply let us know and at the end of the month your access to the training and coaching calls will be removed.  No long term contracts - you can leave at any time

Is learning Google Ads something I can do part-time and fit it around my full-time job?
Absolutely yes. It will take you no more than 4 to 5 hours per week in the first few weeks to get your Google Ads account up and running.

Will I be able to ask questions during the training sessions?
Of course! You can either submit questions in advance if you cannot make it live, or submit them during the training session.

I want a team member/my partner to follow the course, is this possible?
No problem! Your membership includes access for one person to gain access to the training and get help. You can nominate the person you want to get access to the program by emailing support@jarrettmedia.com once you've purchased.

Is Google Ads suitable for a brand new business? 
Absolutely yes, it's ideal!

You'll want to watch the training programs in "How to Compete In A Crowded Market" plus the training in how to launch your Google Ads account for your particular business type, ensuring you've followed the advice to the letter. If you think you're going to need help, you should opt for the VIP version so you can benefit from account and website reviews - ensuring you have set it up correctly.

How often is the training updated? 
Google Ads changes constantly - so we've made our training updated constantly as well!  Google makes regular changes to the features and functions of Google Ads, we'll help you stay on top of those changes via the training updates.

To ensure you stay up to date, the bi-weekly training will include what's new in Google Ads and how to use the new features.

I'd like to offer Google Ads as a service, can you help with that? 
Certainly! I've trained over 60 individuals in the past 11 years who now run their own highly successful Google Ads consultancies / agencies.  Some are them are listed on this very page or on my LinkedIn profile as testimonials!

Can I pay by Direct Debit / ACH debit / in Euros / in Pounds instead? 
Yes indeed! Simply contact support@jarrettmedia.com or use the Chat function in the bottom right and send us a request. We'll send the form right over.

I've got a question about the training that isn't covered here, can I speak with you about it?
Of course!  Simply contact support@jarrettmedia.com or use the Chat function in the bottom right and send us a request.  We can either chat via email or hop on a phone call!
Claire Jarrett @ 2019
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