Look Inside Grant Cardone's Display Advertising Strategy
I created this analysis initially to show some of my clients what's working in Google to sell courses in the online training space.

I'm sharing it with you to demonstrate how you too can use Google to bring in leads but most importantly SALES for your online courses and programs.

You will see a breakdown below of Grant Cardone's entire Google advertising strategy. 

I've been able to estimate that Grant Cardone and his media buyers are spending around $400,000 to $500,000 per year online and it's clear that Google forms the major part of their online advertising strategy. I would estimate that they are achieving an ROI of at least 5:1 on their advertising.

I hope that this casestudy shows you what is working online for one of the coaching industries biggest players and gives you ideas how you too - can utilise Google in your business.

What you see below is not theoretical - it is based on evidence from a variety of research tools and is based upon the number of times ads have been seen in the past 3 years. So if an ad is only shown on a handful of occasions - we can presume it didn't work for them.

We've therefore focused only on those ads that showed for a period of several weeks or months, that were clearly successful at driving sales.

Summary of Grant's Google Strategy 
Grant Cardone has at least 8 sites that I was able to identify - however it appears that only 4 of them are central to his Google advertising strategy.
1) GrantCardone.com - main website offering Entrepreneur / Sales Training 
2) CardoneUniversity.com - Sales Training "university"
3) GrantCardonePlaybook.com - Aimed at helping people to build wealth
4) CardoneOnDemand.com - Automotive Sales Training

It appears that there is a 40/60 split between the Google Search Network and the Google Display Network -with substantial retargeting taking place. All traffic is also being pixelled for Facebook, and followed cross-platform.

Their Google display ads are bright, colourful and branded to each particular product. The majority of them are branding Grant as the brand authority, except with cold traffic who may not have heard of Grant initially.

The ads drive subscriptions to Grant's podcasts and daily emails, making use of the prolific content that Grant and his team create.

Sales are driven of all products and events directly with the ads and there are also flash sales and specific sale days throughout the year to drive demand.

The landing pages have two purposes - either to acquire opt-ins or sell directly - to a single product or event, or to a group of products.

Their products are sold directly to those on their retargeting lists, not directly to cold traffic (as one would expect).

Top Performing Google Search Ads
For the Cardone University website above, the Google Search ads are based around "sales training" keywords to bring in cold traffic. 

The ad below has been running consistently for over 8 months - so we can presume it's one of their most successful. It's a brand ad showing when people search for Cardone University.
For the Grant Cardone website, most of the ads reflect the fact that the keywords are brand related.

In the ad below - you can see Grant's team also advertise upcoming events on Google Search to people interested in Grant Cardone.
Top Performing Google Display Ads
Below you will see a selection of their best performing display ads. 

There is a clear well thought funnel for each website and each product - bringing in cold traffic via newsletters/webinars that deliver immense value to the prospect, and then marketing via email and ads direct to products.
Landing Page Analysis
The landing page above is aimed at driving cold traffic to opt-in to Grant's email list.

It uses clear branding, clear CTAs, and even offers a sample of what they will receive in exchange for their email.

Grant's 10x brand is prevalent throughout this landing page - and it's super clear what Grant offers 
-  what his aim is, but  most importantly - how this newsletter will help them achieve their goals.

I suspect that Grant's team have a very clear idea of how a subscriber is worth and as a result are able to bid aggressively to bring in new subscribers.
Again - this is a landing page aimed at bringing in cold traffic - this time to a webinar.

A very clear message - and asks solely for an email address.  There's no automation, it's given to the audience as viewable on demand.

On registering, you are taken directly to the video and asked to make a purchase of $49, with further upsells in the funnel. A 30 minute timer increases urgency.
This landing page is aimed at driving sales to Grant's various products. A flash sale pop up and hello bar at the top are used to increase urgency to "buy-now".
If you sell online products and programs - then I hope this was useful for you.

I hope you've learned how you can use Google AdWords & Display to bring in sales directly, by building out a funnel that delivers immense value to your prospects, earning the right to bring traffic direct to your salespages.

Consider how best to use the information above. We believe it's far more effective to model what's currently working in the market, rather than learning from "how-to" courses.

If you'd like my direct help implementing this in your business to drive sales, then my team and I would love to help. Simply book in a call now!
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