The Google Ads + Facebook Double Retargeting Strategy
"How This 7 Touch Retargeting Method Is Helping Businesses Appear Everywhere To Their Perfect Prospects… 
…And Why It’s The Only Viable Way To Stand Out In This Over-Crowded Online World:"
From the desk of Claire Jarrett....

For us business owners, the rules have changed.

It is no longer enough to have the best product or service on the market, and amazing customer-service will only take you so far.

In a world filled with short attention spans, social media notifications and instant gratification:

We are in a battle for attention.
The start-up with a streamlined approach to content promotion and ad creation…

…the savvy marketer that can take a cold lead and turn them into a buyer without trading time for money…

…. the business owner that takes back the control of his time by using smarter systems, funnels and automated ad platforms than his competition?

Well, the result is quite incredible...
They get attention, grow audiences, build email lists & generate sales – faster than their competitors ever thought possible.  
Industries all over the world are filled with businesses with mediocre products – and yet they are thriving.

Because they mastered the art of attracting the attention of their target market…

….and keeping that attention by speaking about their pain and desires in a way that nobody else understands.

Now of course, all of this isn’t news to you.

You wouldn’t be reading a guide about retargeting if you needed a lesson in how the internet has changed the business landscape, right? 

But, it is our goal that the 7 Touch Retargeting method will give you a framework to package what you already know into a system that puts cash into your pocket.

In a world where we create as much information every 2 days as the whole of humanity produced up until 2003…

…7 Touch Retargeting is the only way to truly stand in a crowded world.

What Does ‘7 Touch Retargeting’ Look Like in Action? 
7 touch retargeting is based on the old marketing adage that states that a prospect needs to be exposed to your marketing message 7 times before they are ready to buy.

This method simply speeds up the time that it takes to make that happen – and ensures that your prospects see you from multiple angles.

The result?

Your prospects get to know you faster.

They start to trust you easier.

And they have their credit card out at a point in time when they would have otherwise forgotten who you are.

So how does it work?

Well, we pixel people that visit our website across different ad platforms and then retarget them from different angles.

Within days of first visiting our website:

• They may have been followed around the internet by our Google display ads.
• They have watched a testimonial video on YouTube.
• They have read one of our blogs via Facebook.
• They have signed up for a webinar via Instagram.
• They have seen us mentioned in an industry-leading blog through our Twitter ad.

If you are spending money to get people to your website, the best way to better leverage that investment is to get your message seen everywhere.

Setting-Up Your 7 Touch Retargeting System
Every time that a visitor lands on your website and isn’t ‘pixeled’ by you across all the ad platforms…


That’s just a wasted opportunity.

Building audiences of prospects across Google, Facebook, Linkedin and Twitter is like having multiple email lists that can be used to remain at the top of their mind.

Here’s a few questions to get you set up.

1) Do you have the following pixels in place?:
  •  Google AdWords
  •  Google Analytics
  •  Facebook 
  •  LinkedIn 
  •  Twitter 
  •  Tracking code – Improvely, Analytics or something similar
2) Have you linked your Youtube channel to your Google AdWords remarketing?

3) Have you set up conversion tracking for each of the systems above?

Getting Your Audiences Set Up 
After your pixels and tracking are in place, the next step is to set up difference audiences on the ad platforms.

Somebody that has bought from your website is worth substantially more to you than somebody who simply visited the home page.

So, when you separate everybody into different audiences, you are able to show the right message, to the right person, at the right time.

Here are some questions to go through to get you started:

1) Have you analysed your website and funnel to see where you need to set up different audiences? 

Here are some examples of audiences you'll want to set up:

  •  Sign up pages for opt-ins.
  •  Thank you pages for opt-ins (people that have become a lead or bought from you) 
  •  Hire us / contact us pages or pages that reflect an interest in your business.
2) Have you planned out what ads you will run to the following:
  •  Those who visited landing pages but did not opt-in.
  •  Those who opted-in but did not book a call. 
  •  Those who booked a call. 
  •  Those who opted-in and have visited several of your pages. 
  •  Those who watched any of your Youtube videos. 
  •  Your email list. 
  •   Buyers/customers.
3) Have you set up similar lists for the following (you won’t use these for retargeting, but these are a great source of new leads for your Google, Facebook, YouTube, LinkedIn & Twitter ad campaigns. Not many people are aware that these exist in these advertising platforms!):
  •  Website visitors.
  •  Thank you page visitors. 
  •  Email list.
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